Strategic Accommodation Framework

As school districts continue to expand learning options for families, it is critical that programs are designed to be accessible for all learners. Students with disabilities learning in alternative educational settings such as the home may need accommodations and modifications to ensure an environment conducive for learning. The SAFOL supports this effort through a method that systematically inventories contextual factors that may impact a student’s ability to access learning activities and ability to have meaningful interactions with peers.  

The Strategic Accommodation Framework provides IEP teams with a process to identify contextual factors in any instructional setting that could pose barriers to learning. Strategies are identified to mitigate the impact contextual factors may have on student access to learning activities. The framework teaches IEP teams how to leverage strategies in order to make appropriate accommodations to support each student’s unique learning needs. This process is based on the theoretical premise borrowed from the field of occupational therapy called the Ecology of Human Performance.

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