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Inclusive Digital Era Collaborative (iDEC)

Focusing on students with disabilities

The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning and the National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE) joined forces to form the Inclusive Digital Era Collaborative (iDEC) Focusing on Students with Disabilities. The collaborative seeks to provide a variety of educational services to state departments of education and other stakeholders involved in online learning and special education. These services will provide education stakeholders with critical information in the form of technical and research reports, stakeholder engagement activities, evaluation of specific program components, monitoring of special education services in virtual schools, policy development, and professional development for virtual school teachers and administrators.

Professional Development & Technical Assistance

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Disability Policy Analysis

The Disability Policy Analysis is a Framework for Determining Policy, Technical Assistance, and Professional Development needs for Remote Online Learning Environments.
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Adaptive Professional Learning Model

The Adaptive Professional Learning Model (APLM) incorporates research-based practices for (a) professional development, (b) instructional coaching, and (c) infrastructure support.
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The Strategic Accommodation Framework for Online Learning

The Strategic Accommodation Framework for Online Learning (SAFOL) provides IEP teams with a process to identify contextual factors in any instructional setting that could pose barriers to learning.

Professional Development & Technical Assistance

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Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) for Online Learning

The MTSS for Remote Online Learning Environments expands on the Florida Department of Education’s MTSS Four-Step Problem Solving Process through the addition of considerations related to accessibility, assessment, interventions, data collection, and progress monitoring.
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The 4A Online Instructional Material Evaluation Framework

The 4A framework is a conceptual tool for supporting teachers in evaluating and choosing digital instructional materials.
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Framework for Equity in Digital Education (FEDE)

The FEDE system deconstructs critical components thought to provide equitable learning environments in brick-and-mortar settings and reframes them for the online learning environment.

Professional Development & Technical Assistance

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The 5 Components of Equitable Enrollment Practices

The 5 Components of Equitable Enrollment (5CEE) for Nontraditional Learning Environments is a thoughtful approach to enrolling students with individual education programs in online learning environments.
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Individualized Education Programs: A Process for Remote Online Programs

IEP-PROP professional development provides IEP teams with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop IEPs for remote online learning environments.
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Facilitating Engagement in Remote Online Learning Environments

Facilitating Engagement in Remote Online Learning Environments: Parents/Caretakers provides education stakeholders with tools necessary to identify student needs in remote online settings and align these needs with school supports and parent/caretaker capacity.