4A Online Instructional Material Evaluation Framework

The 4A framework is a conceptual tool for supporting teachers in evaluating and choosing digital instructional materials. The materials teachers will learn to evaluate include websites, online games, digitized textbook materials, digital enhancements of educational materials, videos, and more. The guiding principles of the framework are that digital instructional material should be (1) Accessible; (2) support Active Engagement; (3) Advocate for historically excluded students, and (4) hold itself Accountable for linages to standards and issues of privacy and data sharing.

Digital instructional materials include the potential for increased individual interactivity and social interaction components, a broader array of adaptivity and personalization features, and built-in assessment features. While digital instructional materials are increasing in popularity, teachers need tools to support their professional judgement in selecting those that are most approproate. When teachers lack evaluation frameworks, choosing materials may feel like going to a grocery store and quickly grabbing items off the shelf without a thought. This professional development will support educators in using the 4A Online Instructional Materials Evaluation Framework.

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